Females, Reputation, and Uncle Sam

There’s a lot to be said since taking my first step in my very own combat boots, that I would have LOVE to have known before raising my right hand. Not that I would have changed my decision in joining, but maybe I would have had a better chance at preparing myself for what I would actually go through. 

rep·u·ta·tion (n)

1. The general opinion or judgment of the public about a person or thing: a senator with a tarnished reputation;restaurant with a good reputation.
2. The state or situation of being held in high esteem: feared damage to his reputation.
3. A widespread ascription of a characteristic or trait to a person or thing: a sales clerk who has a reputation forcourtesy; a columnist with the reputation of being acerbic.


REPUTATION: Here I am, a female in the United States Army. Let me first start by telling you, who you are DOESN’T MATTER. You can be innocent, or not. Unfortunately in a world dominated by men, some of which are not-so-professional, you are automatically SUBCONSCIOUSLY & maybe even purposefully dubbed a slut. I said it. It’s harsh, I know – BUT trust me. As a female, you are the 1% of the 1% – and that’s A LOT to meet up to. If you don’t protect yourself you WILL suffer from a negative reputation and it’s hard to get rid of. Think about it like a tigress in the zoo. She goes in heat, surrounded by males, but even separated by a wall the males are distracted. On a mission. Hungry. Now think about if one male tiger gets to the other side, and the tigress thinks he’s sweet – they’re fur buddies – but they did NOT bump the sweets. The tiger goes back to his side of the zoo after some very innocent Netflix & chill (but literally only chilled)…and tells his tiger buddies all about the rendezvous he pretended he had because he just HAS to feel like a man. Before you know it (literally all the zoo animals know before you do) you find out that apparently you made the fur babies with this tiger that was just a friend. AND NOW you have no way to prove you did nothing….. BINGO! You’re now validated to be a slut, annnnd you didn’t even get to curl your toes. How do you avoid this frightmare? I got you – & as petty as it seems I promise – you have to take big steps to protect something so important.

  1. DO NOT, and I’m very serious, LET ANY TIGER IN YOUR ROOM ALONE. Matter of fact don’t invite anyone over to your room. If you’re in the barracks, sure you can hangout….but NOT in your personal abode where you live. You know why? It leaves an endless amount of rumors ready to be eaten up by all of the starving zoo animals. So by keeping company out of your room, you get rid of all possibilities of ruining that precious reputation you already don’t have. Stay strong babygirl, you’re winning.
  2.  DO NOT find yourself in a tiger’s room. We’re adults right? “I can do what ever I want” type deal …..& YES! You can booboo, but you’ll be walking your slut-labelled self back home after a night at the zoo and whether or not you fed the tigers doesn’t matter now. Sad, but true.
  3. DO stay in groups. It’s hard to ruin a reputation when you haven’t done anything – IF you stay in numbers. One person can lie, but unless your friends hate you they shouldn’t all be plotting to lie together for the demise of your non-sluttiness.
  4. DO take time to get to know people. One thing I’ve learned about people in the Army is they are veeeery similar to people in the civilian world. They’ll lie, cheat, steal, and burn you if they get the chance. Putting on a camo uniform can be like covering a pile of shit in Febreeze and calling it a flower. Just saying. Not everyone is bad, but it’s just like the real world. Be careful.

Now with all of this, you can STILL enjoy yourself. If you’re actually dirty on the DL just protect yourself. Watch out for the situations that can cause problems for you and make you look like something you don’t want to be. I say these things because I’ve seen it happen all around, including some of my own experiences.





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