First-time Foreigner

GUYS! I’m totally writing this from another country – I couldn’t have imagined.

Let me just start by saying I was overwhelmed when I first made it to Korea. I had never planned on a visit to this country, never even thought of it. So being here was a total shock to me. I always envisioned myself somewhere on the beaches with clear blue water, being from Florida and all…..but here I am in the hills and mountains of this cold-cold place (it’s winter right now). It is definitely a change in pace from my sunny-orange peel-tan skinned hometown!

BUT….IT’S beautiful.


The culture here is so reserved – which is HUGE – compared to the liberal mind of the majority of my peers now a days. They are for the most part kind people! There are a few that don’t like Americans, and even less that hate our military, but the ones that really appreciate us have been so welcoming!

I’ve learned to be more motivated than usual here –

I have a 2am curfew everynight, which forces me to plan out my days intricately so that I get the most out of everything. I usually don’t succeed at this, but hey – a girl can try 🙂

I’ve climbed up to the tippy top of the Namsan tower to place a lock on the bridge of love, with my honey. I REALLY have a taste for Korean BBQ – it’s truly amazing if you’re a food junkie! I have visited cities here that scared me half to death (mainly because it’s very easy to get lost around here), and spent countless hours underground on the subway system. We don’t have these where I’m from!

I’ll continue to update as I move along through this region – only a few months left until I depart, probably forever – but who knows.

Here’s a little bucket-list quickie of some things I’d like to do

(i’ll update by crossing out completed tasks):

  2. Try Kim chi (i know i’ve been procrastinating)
  3. Go to an authentic Korean SPA
  4. Dance in Gangnam City
  5. Try Soju
  6. Travel the subway system
  7. Tour the War Museum
  8. Tour the Palaces
  9. Ch-Check out Lotte World
  10. Ice fishing?
  11. The ZOO!
  12. Visit an animal Cafe’ (no kidding, there’s a cafe with pet raccoons!)
  13. Visit the LOVE Museum – ooh la la!
  14. Hiking trip! Yikes.
  15. Build a Korean Snowman – oh man.
  16. Go to a concert
  17. Go to the Water-gun Festival
  18. Learn basic Korean words
  19. Visit the Namsan Tower
  20. Place a Love Lock on the Bridge of Love
  21. Shopping spree!

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