Eh, Okay

Hello world – Just a little blunt honesty here, I AM STRUGGLING.

I want SO badly just to be healthy, and well. I want real, wholesome food….a clear, bright face….and a tight body. It’s so funny to me, most would think that being in the Army I should be super skinny and in shape. Although I sometimes have that expectation of myself most of the time, it is SO hard.

Maybe you’ve heard people say things like, “I get paid to workout” … and while it’s true (I’ve even said it myself) – it is incredibly difficult sometimes. I don’t know, maybe it’s a little bit of laziness mixed with a lot of procrastination, and a spritz of intimidation..

If i’m totally honest, my absolute goal would be to maintain the body-type (or something close to it) of a fitness model. Obviously – says every woman ever – But seriously. I feel so discouraged sometimes that I’m in the ARMY….and I still struggle to keep the fat away. What is it?!

I sat down the other night and I really encouraged myself. I had a little bit of a realization that it’s okay-

-it’s okay to be a work in progress.


I realized that being in the military – I usually average 12 hour work days, day in and day out. Which means by the time I spend time with my family, take care of myself, and wind down for the night…..I’m usually getting 5-6 hours of good, solid sleep a night. I know some of you can definitely relate & YES….I signed up for this. I’ve recently had some health issues, which thankfully are healing ❤ I’m a newlywed, with a pretty slice of bacon brought home between the both of us – and to really push me over the top, my honey & I just signed up for this semester of college classes.

I say all this to make a point. Some of you are doing twice as much as I am, and some of you are doing less. It doesn’t matter. What matters is our ability to be able to recognize and accept that it’s okay to be in progress. I have to remind myself of this daily. Literally, everyday…when I look in the mirror after a long gym-sesh and I’m still me. I am slowly re-learning to love myself everyday with a new love. A forgiving love. I actually am really happy with where I am, when I take the time to sit back – and truly be grateful for the struggle.

Just a thought –

because I really could use a fresh brownie right about now,

& maybe a Corona.






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