3 Reasons you should be talking

Personally, I can be pretty stubborn in admitting when I need a little bit of help.

When I was younger, it was fairly blurry talking to the doctors and therapists about my feelings. I was young and mostly innocent. I don’t remember a lot of it. My parents divorced when I was 7 years old, and as a young kid that age you don’t really understand the depth of what’s really happening. I remember kids toys, and puzzles; I remember unfamiliar faces of these grown-ups that were here to talk to me about my feelings and study me with their psychological learning – eager to match me up to the pages in their textbooks from college. Maybe I was naive, but I hated talking to them because I always felt like they were only there for the paycheck. 

Fast forward a decade or so – I’m an adult. I’m an unfamiliar face wanting to help others, desiring to understand the pains and struggles that other people have, and I’m eager to remind myself of all that I’ve learned in my books. It’s interesting how the pages flip –

I don’t want to take up too much of your time going on & on about my opinions and what not, but I do think it’s important to share something so valuable that I’ve learned.

You don’t have to be professional and book an appointment with a stranger that has a fancy prefix in front of their name. Just find someone that you trust, someone you can confide in even if that someone or something is a family pet (seriously though). It’s important to talk, and I have THREE solid reason’s why:

You hear yourself – this is HUGE. It might seem silly to think that speaking out loud has it’s way of therapy for the brain but it does. When you have a thought, and then you say it out loud, your brain has a funny way of breaking down the words and making sense of it. Say whatever you’re feeling out loud – and if it feels wrong most likely you’re mind will encourage you to change your way of thinking. If it feels right, if it encourages you you’ll be more likely to continue having those thoughts. Evaluate what you’re saying….speak out loud to yourself or to whoever is listening even if it doesn’t make sense. De-clutter your fantastic brain, and when you’re done speaking what you need to say try this: praise yourself. Give yourself compliments, talk to yourself about things you’ve accomplished and what you’re proud of. Most importantly, let yourself know where you’d like to go next – in life. Career, your fitness, your finance – anything. Practice hearing yourself, and include positive words and I promise you’ll get through some really rough days.

It helps you concentrate – Speaking to others, or to yourself, helps you focus in on what’s really important. Most often, when you’re speaking it’s more clear what needs to be said and what really doesn’t. In key, in helps divide the big, important matters from the lesser ones. If you watch others, especially before a big performance or event – a lot of times you’ll see they will talk to themselves to mentally prepare. They encourage themselves to put on that game face, and refocus their minds to pinpoint the ultimate goal.

Improves social skills – Literally this one is SO much easier said than done, but it’s necessary. Especially today, in a world where cellphones and social media has almost complete control over anyone with a phone smart enough to break the awkwardness we feel when we talk to strangers. Unfortunately, but also fortunately – the ONLY way to get better at socializing and talking to others is by talking to others. Think about it, what happens if you say something offensive…or embarrassing in a conversation with someone you’ve just met? Chances are you’ll probably avoid saying the same thing again. It’s a learning experience. Almost any interaction in life can be a networking opportunity – talking to others builds community. If you really suck at talking to people, luckily there’s plenty of room in the world to disappear somewhere and try again. I say all this because basic human interaction is necessary for living. The more we talk to others, the less awkward it feels when we have no other choice – and the less anxiety we deal with when we know we have to be social. You don’t have to be the social butterfly and talk everyone to death, but please – if you can do yourself one favor in this lifetime you’ll enjoy the stories and the knowledge others have to share by just talking to someone. There’s life outside of the white screen 🙂

Think about it.




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