One Step Closer! – Updates

Hey guys!

Just a quick update on what’s going on over here, It has been CRAZY!

I’ve only got a few months left here in Korea for exploring and indulging myself in the culture! For those of you that have been here, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am…

For those of you that haven’t I hope I can accurately share with you the simplicity and genuine lives of Koreans in the South.

It has been COLD! I’m a Florida native, so it’s been quite a shock for me living in the single digits, but I’m coming out of my shell a little more now that it’s warming up! If you saw my bucket list for Korea I have a LOT of work to do, but I’m excited to share it all.

Hikes, tours, culture, history – it’s amazing taking a walk on soil that isn’t from my home. I only wish it wasn’t so chilly so I could really enjoy the outdoors a little sooner! 😛


Any who, as far as Pulxe goes – I’m really kicking things into gear. Working on a Small Business Management class to get the knowledge we need to make this vision work.

I’ve been doing a TON of research on wholesales and investments, because I really want Pulxe to be wholesome and have a lot to offer. Thanks again for being so patient with me while I work on this project to give back to community. 🙂

While I won’t be able to open a hard location for some time (due to the military lifestyle) – I WILL open up an online store eventually kicking off the beginning of this journey. I’m digging into some really good charities and scholarships funds that I want a portion of all proceeds to go toward – it’s all about giving back ❤

Thanks so much for talking to me and keeping me motivated! Thank you for believing in this as much as I do!

Love and Loyalty,





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