Noise in Myeongdong

Saturday my husband, and a friend of ours, jumped onto the nearest subway to make our journey into Myeongdong. It was finally warm enough to leave our sweaters at home, but I brought mine because the nights here get too chilly for me.


About an hour later – here we are.

Sunshine and all, among local nationals protesting on behalf of their former President. I’ll be honest, it was the first protest I’ve ever seen, so we stuck around a bit to watch the organized chaos unfold. Along the road Riot team police in highlighter-yellow uniforms lined the streets. In pockets of Myeongdong you could see clusters of more teams in grey uniforms blocking streets so that the shopping streets weren’t bothered.

The liveliness of the crowds aroused my inner travelbug, and I couldn’t help but snap pictures along the way.

A local stopped to speak to me briefly about volunteer work and donations – I gave her 10 – mainly because I couldn’t understand her and I wanted to be left alone to enjoy the scenery. I’m not going to lie, I was a little annoyed when she asked for 10 more – shoo fly!

I shopped around in H&M and Forever21 because, I couldn’t resist – PLUS they had SALES! After moving through the sales racks and leaving empty handed, I wandered into a beauty store for facials and masks of ALL types. Guys……this girl LOVES her face masks. 😛 Needless to say I walked out with sunflower masks, a 24k Gold mask, and breast masks – whatever those are. I haven’t tried them yet..

We continued in big circles around the complex before stopping at a food cart selling Banana-Nutella Crepes – um, WHAT? This happened.

& then on into Uniqlo to shop for the guys – I tried to be a good sport but my feet were literally going numb, I just needed a chair! Luckily, they weren’t TOO picky and we were out in no time…


Our last stop of the night, Chicken & Beer. This place is amazing! If you have the chance to go, I’m sure you’ll be pleased. Their choice for tap here is Weiss, a little too smooth by itself but perfect with chicken wings and fries!

We wanted to hop into Hongdae to see some of the nightlife, but it was already getting late – and we have a curfew that will ruin our lives if we miss it.

Next time, maybe 🙂




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