The problem with CREATIVITY.

I have this problem.

It’s something I’ve struggled with ever since I can remember.

& maybe, you know the feeling too..

I always have these really entertaining, fresh ideas that are relatively (or I’d like to think so) unique. Ideas that could possibly re-vamp some of the ways we do things, make life more…alive.

The problem with my creativity? I have a hard time harnessing it.

So it essentially becomes lost….useless.

It wasn’t until my last few years….maybe even months really, that I began to scour my brain and constantly refocus myself that I learned some really helpful ways to keep on track. It took a LONG time it seems to get to where I am now, as far as taking the steps to make my dreams happen. To make them a reality –

Here’s what I’m doing, maybe it will find itself well with you as well.

If not, you’ve really only “wasted” like a minute of your day reading this.


Literally. Everything. I would write out my step by step plan, and then blurt out in ink how that plan made me feel, and then continue on to write about another great idea that I had instead. Yes. It’s chaos, but it’s recorded chaos. The FIRST big step in becoming organized chaos – & then hopefully further down the road, S U C C E S. It took me a while to do this, because in my organized clutter I’m also a bit of a neat freak. SO weird because you would almost never know if you didn’t study me yourself. So the problem I had with this is I wanted to have each blurb of writing categorized, and then separated on different pages – BUT be careful not to write on the back because then it gets mixed in with the indention of the other page and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Stop. It doesn’t have to be perfect….not at first. J U S T  W R I T E. However you get it out onto a piece of something that is tangible, do it.

 Research what others have done or are doing

If it wasn’t for the accessibility of everything at the tip of a mouse-click, I have no idea where I would be. Probably lacking half of the miscellaneous facts I have, because if I’m honest, I’m a little too lazy to go to my local library for a book to research. Libraries and books are great, but I use them to compare and debunk the things I might see online. If I have a question for the world, I just look it up on G00GLE. Whatever it is that i’m hooked on at the moment, I research and research almost until my eyes burn and start asking me to do something else. Seriously buds, I love it! It keeps my attention because I can always back up to my results and click on another source, so the interaction is limitless. I’ve run out of links to click on? No worries, just figure out a way to re-word the question and BOOM. You’re in. Even if the information you find is useless, it’s information none-the-less and you would be SUPER surprised at how much you can actually retain. Also seeing what others are doing already, will likely help you avoid making similar mistakes – or trying something that has already been explored.


Find that person. I don’t care if it’s your little brother or Sally-Su in the Nursing home for the elderly with dementia. Find someone that you can bounce ideas off of or send your work to, to see what impression your work makes on them. Obviously, you want to value the opinions of those you’re asking, so yes, make sure these are people that won’t lead you astray. The point here is don’t keep everything to yourself. I struggled with this at first because I was terrified that if I put my ideas out there, maybe someone would steal it and make it better before I even had the chance to get it going. I didn’t really have the resources, so it was a scary thing sharing my ideas and my work with others. When I finally made the jump to share info with my mom, and my husband, and finally my BLOG I realized it didn’t matter so much. The big picture is now I had other people involved to tell me if my ideas matched up with my end goal, or if I was straying. I could use them to give me a real review on how my work made them feel or if it was even interesting in the first place. Try it.

Be Adaptable & Forgiving of Change

The truth here is that if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t completely reached your ultimate goals, right? Same for me. This is where I learned I needed to be adaptable. In the infant stages of my work, things may change. It’s not all set in stone, and to be successful it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE. Have fun with it. Change it up if you feel something could be better. Always tweak and fine-tune to make sure that you’re still aiming at the target you intended to hit in the first place. In starting a movement, or a business….it’s nice and suggested to have a lot of the major and minor details worked out. Realistically though, this isn’t always beneficial or accurate, if you aren’t adaptable. If you can’t accept a little bit of change, throughout the process – because that’s what we’re in is a process – then you’ll find yourself unhappy and bored with your mission. This is YOUR goal, YOU have the power to make and shape it the way you want!


Give credit where Credit is due

Always, always, always be thankful. If someone has helped you along the way – even as small as a “you’ve got this” and a pat on the back – thank them. This goes a LONG way in building community, branding, and the over-all appeal of your character. You never know where your neighbor Joe might end up in his life, or who he knows. So if he spends some time enlightening you about life while he waits for his spouse to come outside so they can leave, thank him – for his time and for his experience. Take what you can from the experience of others and use their stories to groom you and your outlook. If you’ve done a really good job staying on task this week and keeping focused, look in the mirror and tell yourself how awesome you were this week! Seriously, it’s silly – but it’s the easiest form of reassurance you can get – to give the gift of encouragement to yourself.


These are all REALLY helpful tools to take note of when trying to be creative. It’s important to get everything down on paper, cross check with others to see where your creation really stands, research to learn more about your topic or what others have done to be successful, be willing to accept things changing along the way, and giving thanks to those that aid you in your successes in creativity!


Something to think about.

I hope these tips help you dive into your creativity and take control of it like never before! If they did, or you like what you read, please consider sharing with others or coming back for more – and let me know what you think in the comments below ❤




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