I am a soldier, and I’m OBESE.

Two words you’d never think you’d hear – Obese Soldier.

I recently had a height and weight test (figuring out the % of body fat you have based on age, height, and inches around your body by measuring tape)

Anywho, I found out to my surprise that I am obese! WHAT?

How can a woman in the United States Army, a woman who actively weight lifts and goes to the gym often, a woman that takes health and wellness very seriously – be obese?

Below is a picture of me just a few weeks ago, maybe a month?

The system used by the Army to determine body fat percentage is outdated – and HOPEFULLY on its way to be replaced. With a 10% margin for error, a soldier that is otherwise healthy, may be categorized as obese.

  1. grossly fat or overweight.
    synonyms: fat, overweight, corpulent, gross, stout, fleshy, heavy, portly, plump, paunchy, potbellied, beer-bellied, broad in the beam, bulky, bloated, flabby, Falstaffian; More

    Take a look at the above definition, of “grossly” fat or overweight.

    It’s very interesting to me that the term “grossly” is used to define obesity, but is otherwise left up to the interpretation of those using the word itself. The definition does not state any % of bodyfat as obese, it does not say those suffering from overweight-induced illnesses. It just simply states that a person is overweight.

    So I’m “grossly” overweight, because my waist is a little thicker? My hips are a little wider? My body is a little heavier?

    At 5’2″ , those that aren’t into weightlifting would FREAK hearing that I weigh 165lbs!

    But why? Because the general population, and outdated systems choose to see only one way. Absentmindedly. Because there are individuals that are uneducated about the human body and all that it is capable of.


    This picture was taken a few months ago at one of my heaviest states. A little pudgy? Sure. Definitely missing my booty. But OBESE? No way.


    And here’s another.

    This leads me to a very serious question – WHO determines that someone is actually OBESE? Should we even be using these terms anymore? I mean c’mon.

    In a culture that body shames curves, and only recently accepted the heavier set women – Is it really fair that the military also does this? Not only is it heartbreaking for someone like myself, that has struggled with my body image as a young girl, but imagine what it can do for those who have lost numerous pounds, and yet it’s still…not…good…enough.

    If I were just a little weaker, a little more emotional this week – maybe this would have been enough to cause me to want to starve my body. Maybe this would give me reason to hate myself, to hate my body.

    BUT there is hope. We can choose to ignore the labels that don’t fit us, and live in our bodies as we please.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you are clincally ill due to being over-weight, please seek help. Seek health. Seek wellness. It is an absolute game changer for your heart (literally) and your soul ❤



But DO NOT let anyone shame you into disapproving of yourself. You are your biggest fan, if you don’t fight for yourself and love yourself, how can you expect others to do it?


I’m not saying it’s easy – but it’s well deserved – and well worth the journey.

Love yourself.

Sincerely, The Obese Soldier.



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