Looking for a Life Coach? (2 minute read)

You aren’t the only one.

Certified Life Coaches are ALL over the world. The most convenient aspect is they can be online, or local – making either a great opportunity for planned meetings and get together talks.

Something to remember – Life Coaches are NOT Psychologists. Think of them as more of an idealist, with experience. Someone to talk to, like a friend – without the stigma that comes with seeing a Psychologist. While Psychologists aren’t a bad thing to resort to, if you’re feeling a little over whelmed or you just want to bounce some ideas off of someone to reassure you’re not loony – this could be a perfect opportunity for a Life Coach.

They’re generally far less expensive than seeing a doctor, but have the same level of genuine care and comfort that you should be receiving from your closest friend! These are individuals that take classes, paid from their own pocket sometimes – to invest and give you a helping hand. Individuals who have gone through a lot of similar trials in life, raising kids, and balancing aura with adulting.

SO – I say all of this to encourage you. Maybe you feel like speaking to your friends or others that “volunteer” is a burden – maybe you want it to be an official meeting to sort out the nooks and cranny’s in your life – then don’t feel bad hiring a personal Life Coach to look out for you and be there for you.

It’s no different than hiring a personal trainer for fitness, to reach your goal in health. Mental health is just as important, and this could be a small step that could save you a ton of trouble in the future.


If you’re not sure, I can at least help point you in the right direction.

I know of one individual that has been there for me countless times, and works with a network that deals with mentoring Life Coaches so that YOU can get the best undivided attention to focus on some of your rusty spots in life.

Her name is Susan, and she’s a fireball with a huge heart.


You can reach out to her HERE.


If you don’t want to work with her, there are plenty of other options I’m sure she would love to help you out with to find the best solution for you 🙂


Remember, YOU are still in control, you make the absolute decisions with your actions and thoughts – but it doesn’t help to have someone back you up in the process and maybe help tweak a few things to try relieving some stress.

If you’re not doing well, it’s okay. Seek help. Seek health. ❤





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