FUReign Volunteer

I had the most unique opportunity to volunteer at the Animal Shelter here in South Korea. We drove roughly an hour away from my current station to spend some quality time with these fur babies, and get the inside scoop on owning a shelter. Literally, scooping s*t out of the kennels.


I’ll be totally honest here, I volunteered to play with the pups because seriously it’s been almost 9 months since I’ve had some furry interaction…

I was MOST excited to play around like I would back home.


Little did I know, we’d spend the first half of the day cleaning poop, wiping pee, and filling bowls for them to eat…..and then cleaning more poop.

To be even more honest, I was more interested in the cow farm next door, and I tried relentlessly to get close enough to pet one. (Not sure if my choice in giving up meat sparked this new-found interest, or if they’re just really cool animals.)

Needless to say we made it through.

ALMOST without incident. There was one “ankle-biter” that made me the most uncomfortable. And the worst part is he was one of the cutest there. At first he seemed polite, and excited to have company – just before he began attacking my ankles and barking at me with SO…MUCH…ATTITUDE. It was worse than my little brothers and sister. I finally had to just pick up a broom and scare him off, he literally had me in a corner.

And here he is:Β DSC00619



I swear he was pure evil.



After a long day cleaning, feeding, and walking these beasts – I was ready to go home.


I think we all were…. πŸ™‚



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