Reassurance – 2 min. encouragement

First and foremost, you CAN.

you WILL.

You are strong, and courageous. You’ve gotten this far in life and you’ve gotten back on your feet time and time again – why is now any different? Are you too fragile to overcome and achieve? I don’t think so.

You tell yourself, even if it takes 100 tries. 1000 times. I don’t care if you set a timer on your phone with a powerful quote telling you how unstoppable you are.

There is something that just can’t be beat. You can throw dirt over it, light it up, and lock it away – but the human spirit will always succeed.

I believe God made it that way. Think about our deep and dark history….We have come from decades of change, trials, and beatings. The human spirit is strong, and it is beautiful. It is able, and you have one. You are your own human spirit, yours is unique. Yours is necessary, who could be you if you weren’t yourself? No one.

So dust off your shoulders, make a mess and clean it up. Pick yourself up so well, that others will mirror the strength when they are feeling lost, insecure, or discouraged.

You are fearfully, and wonderfully made.


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