Tips for the Baby Entrepreneur – 5 MIN Read

Hey there!

It’s 0200 in the morning and I’m feeling so inspired! I’ve spent the last 5 hours watching videos, reading articles, and dreaming up ideas for my business. Ohh, the life of a business owner. It’s so easy though, to get lost in the world of dreaming and pay little attention to the execution. I had to learn this the hard way!

I have been described as a “passionate” person, and for the most part I would agree. Unfortunately, often I see the end result I would like to achieve, so much that I completely ignore the steps that will lead me to the end.

To be brutally honest with you, business is BORING! I’ve taken business classes, and even the passion to own my own business wasn’t enough to keep me from wandering away in my mind. That’s when I realized, I didn’t need a business degree. Would it be helpful? Sure, but you have to work with yourself. If you know you don’t do well with school or education in general (like me! I get bored too easily) …then either fake the discipline to make it through or find another way. There is ALWAYS another way!

After discovering my passion in Health & Wellness through alternative medicine, I decided I would go to school for that. All I would need is one certificate at a time, and wallah – 10 years down the road I’ll be a fully capable Holistic Practitioner doing what I am passionate about. Oh my goodness though, years from now?!

Long story short Pulxe readers, I came here to share with you some tips for staying on track and staying engaged!

Write it down, & then write it again!

I’m not kidding. I would be SO lost if it weren’t for my many journals with all of my scribbles and pointless rants about my dreams, desires, and dreads. In fact, I’ve probably written the same old list of to-dos or my “ideal” life a hundred times – but I can say looking back two years ago I’m a lot closer to my goal now than I ever was!


Educate yourself

There is TOO much free information online! This is partly why I decided to switch my major from Entrepreneurship and focus more pin-pointedly on Holistic Practices. I don’t need a degree to own my own business, as long as I spend the necessary time to learn and read up on the success/mistakes of others.


 Don’t compare yourself/your business

This one is SUPER difficult for me. I’m on Instagram, and Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Some days I’ll look at a successful business and feel inspired, but most of the time I feel intimidated. Will I make it? It this worth it? What if no one follows?

I finally had to sit down and have a talk (yes, with myself) and figure out what it was that actually intimidated me. The answer to that is : I want people to take me seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, that one talk is not enough to sustain me throughout the weeks. I’ve had multiple pep-talks and refocus sessions….But the reality is I don’t NEED 20.4k followers and 12,000 likes on each post. I just need heart, and I need to be relentless. The rest will follow. I have to constantly remind myself that these “successful” start-ups were once in my shoes. They were here. They’ve failed, crippled, and grown into what they are today and THAT is what I try to focus on to stay positive.


Join a group

There are tons of resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, Idealist, etc. Join one…even if it’s small. I’ve learned so much speaking with and watching others go through their experiences. I’ve changed and grown multiple times already and I have barely started, but that’s okay. Tweak what you need to, reshape whatever it is to get your business endeavor in line with your mind!







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