30 Day fitness CHALLENGE “Beat the Tape” – in the making

Hey guys 🙂

Summer is SO close, I can feel it! Deep down inside I know my abs are sweating with excitement – closer to the sandy beaches of Florida and travelling to some amazing places with such a rich history! I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy myself if I was constantly worried about the way I look…. SO …

I’m on a 30 Day journey to a fit body! Here I’ll share with you the REAL before, during and after photos with a detailed list of food and exercises that are the real winners behind my results!

You ready? Follow @xxashleyrodriguez for the most recent posts – because I HAVE to wait until the end results to share this juicy-ness with you!

Here’s what I’m EATING:

High protein

Power Up Bars, Dymatize ISO 100, Garbanza Beans, Black Beans, & Almond butter!


Broccoli, ASPARAGUS (my fave, with salt-free Lemon Pepper), Veggie Medleys, Squash, Spinach, & Carrots. (If you like other veggies, go for it! These are just the main items I’ve been grubbing on!


BANANAS for BANANAS! , Strawberries, Mango, Tomatoes, and Grapefruit/Oranges


LOT’s of Green Tea, Lemon Water, Apple Cider Vinegar Shots (like I’m at the bar 😉 , regular water, and Coconut water!


Here’s What I’m working out:

HIIT Cardio on the Elliptical, Rowing Machine, Treadmill, and Stairmaster. (Only 10-15 minutes of intense cardio before killing the weights!) <- BEFORE EVERY WORKOUT!

LEGS/GLUTES 2-3 days a week

UPPER BODY CIRCUITS 2 days a week (chest, shoulders, and back)

ABS 4 days a week

YOGA/STRETCHING 7 days a week (never too much stretching! Just don’t over-do it!)


I cannot WAIT to share this plan with you guys, I promise it will change your life! & the best part is I’m not some certified trainer or nutritionist, just an average girl with a crazy military lifestyle! I’ve done a ton of research and I intend to make this the simplest plans to follow! You just have to want your new body MORE than you want the stuff that will harm it!


*SNEAK peek*

Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like for me right now:

Breakfast – 2-3 Bananas & 1 Cup of Coconut Water (smoothie) / Apple Cider Vinegar Shot

Snack – Protein Power-up Bar / Green Tea drink after

Lunch – Vegetable Medley or 6in Veggie Sandwich with 1-2 Cups of water (Lemon Water)

Snack – Protein Shake (Dymatize ISO 100) and a Banana / Green Tea or Lemon Water

Dinner – Bean Burrito or Meatless Spaghetti or Vegetables (I kind of do what I want with this one. For this meal I typically eat what I want as long as I’m at my 1700 Cal goal, and I’m not stuffing myself until my tummy hurts. Be smart 🙂 If you have room for a burger, get a side salad! Or if you want the fries, get grilled fish or a grilled chicken sandwich with it. Just change one little thing and over time you will see the difference!

Desert – Protein shake or Fruity Ice-cream (this is generally the only time I eat dairy, aside from some cheese here & there.

I hope you all are as excited as I am! Follow my IG and Snap Chat @pulxe for consistent updates on my journey, as well as business inspiration and motivation!

RESULTS WILL BE REVEALED on JUNE 12, 2017 via Instagram !

Love you all!

Ashley Rodriguez // Pulxe







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