As an active duty service member, college student, and young entrepreneur it can be challenging to balance each day. I am passionate toward my ultimate goals of health and success, as well as spending my time uplifting others to achieve their goals! Each day presents its own set of obstacles – as many of us can relate – so I really needed to dig deeper to reach that soul satisfying niche I am deeply attracted to. After some serious research and self-discovering I finally decided to begin my launch toward something I hope will grow successful in reaching the lives of others, and having a positive impact in whichever community Pulxe will nestle into.



And here, I have decided to take the plunge into the realm of

Blogging/Vlogging, Virtual Assistance, and Charities.

Welcome to Pulxe as an infant in the stages of what it will one day become.

On this website I will live….write about….and share my experiences completely naked in truth with you to hopefully entertain and inspire the way we look at everyday things. I’m not extraordinary, just extra-motivated to create something with the potential to impact the lives of those around, and hopefully add another smile to your day 🙂

I’ve been labelled a “hippie” by friends & family that know me well. Although I’m not so stuck on labels, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to endorse organic/natural products and healthy habits in my business ventures, promote productivity and confidence by Virtual Assistance, and give back to those looking to better themselves and their community through charity donations.

Let’s grow together!

Thank you so much for your patience, support, and encouragement!

FEEDBACK & INPUT  – via Email at Thepulxe@gmail.com

This webpage is not just for me – I want to strongly encourage supporters to experience and share their successes as well. I want you to be moved by the energy Pulxe radiates! Sharing and working together brings out the absolute best in any community (online or in person).

Coming Soon:


-Online merchandise store

Virtual Assistance

YouTube channel

-Hard location

Charity Launch

-Volunteer/Community Service Opportunity


& more!